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VigiReg Consulting Ltd specializes in providing European Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs advice and support.


Contact : Dr Ryta Kuzel, VigiReg Consulting Ltd

Email:     ryta.kuzel@vigireg.com

Our services

Comprehensive EU Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs advisory services.


About VigiReg

VigiReg's Director of Pharmacovigilance is Keith Wibley. Keith is a registered pharmacist with a PhD in medicinal chemistry and over 20 years of pharmacovigilance experience, both in the pharmaceutical industry and at the MHRA as a Pharmacovigilance Inspector.


In his role at VigiReg Consulting Ltd., Keith is involved in pharmacovigilance auditing for inspection-readiness as well as providing ad hoc pharmacovigilance advice and support.



VigiReg's Director of Regulatory Affairs is Ryta Kuzel. Ryta holds a PhD in drug metabolism and has over 20 years of Regulatory Affairs experience both in small and large pharma companies.


In her role at VigiReg, Ryta is involved in helping drug developers to seek scientific advice, attend Health Authority meetings and compile Marketing Authorisation Applications for a wide range of medicinal products. Ryta provides on-site support as well as in-house training on a wide variety of Regulatory Affairs topics.